Cthulhu EP

by Cthulhu Roadkill

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hansapparat Schöne Sache Jungs! Ich warte dann auf das Konzeptalbum. Und nicht alles auf einmal versaufen ... Favorite track: Happy Little Tentacles.
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released January 23, 2016

Vocals: Pit Nötzold
E-Guitar: Harry Hoffmann
Bass: Kai Pietsch
Drums: Erik Metze



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Cthulhu Roadkill Thuringia, Germany

- From Thuringia / Germany
- founded in 2015

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Track Name: Terpentine on the Rocks
we are not dead
but our hopes have died
we are not dead
we're just rotten inside

We were the youth so brim with terpentine,
just a moment before autoignition
but someone teached us to learn escape routes fine
and now were living in a world of inhibition

To burn for something feels like lots of temptation
but now we rot
miasmic, miasmic
We´ve tried to leave it to the next generation
but now we rot
and celebrate the apathy
We toss and turn into a pit of hesitation
and the fire will not return

We breath trough corrupted lungs
try not to drown in our phlegm
Terpentine decomposed flesh
and we allowed it to happen
If you´re still breathing, you´re the lucky ones
Trust me

Run, try to escape
try to ignite and try to
all of the fears that guide you instead
of all your


Start feeding the fire
and give up the control (IGNITE YOURSELF)
Start feeding the fire
with Terpentine and Petrol (IGNITE YOURSELF)

We were the youth
searching for all but we missed out ourselves
We were the youth
searching for the spark that inflames our world

we only rot
because we forgot
that we could burn

And if you still hope
you´re the lucky one
And if you still hope
accept the inferno
the burning eternal
that guides you maternal
to live

licking on your skin
infirmity boils while you´re catching heat
close to explode
your sense going numb while you‘re
breaking points of restraint
breaking points of
nothing to hide
nothing but hope to burning alive

ignite yourself
ignite yourself
Track Name: Happy Little Tentacles
Happy Little Tentacles

What a night
What a night
what a night to crucify ourselfs

All fingers are pointed at us, prejudicial
They spit on us and call us names
They will never accept who we are
But this night is not theirs
This night belongs to us
We are different from the lame rest
that's why they´re nervous
that´s why they hate us

we´re just your problem
that´s just your morality

Let them get upset and whisper our
names when they pretend that they´ve known nothing
We spend to much time to fit their needs
and fake a damn whole live

Let us pretend that
we´ve said us everything
Let us pretend that
this life is ours
let us pretend that
theres nothing happening
so that we just
enjoy the hours

What a night
in suffering we are the same
What a night
in sacrifice we´re getting fame
come on abuse us more, we take it
come on,tomorrow we can ask for forgiveness

But just because we're different, we encounter nakedly the night
And looking for redemption in dirty sheets
Looking for courage to love each other loudly